Our comprehensive video offering provides an extremely flexible level of customisation for your needs. We provide scalable LED panels and powerful projection or plasma/LCD screens, to be available for centre stage or satellite installation. We operate using a variety of premium brands, all routed through our robust screen management and media server software, allowing us to truly adapt to your individual requirements.

Special Effects

Special. For a reason. Whether it’s CO2 jets, Pyrotechnic displays or Confetti cannons – these exciting elements go above and beyond in shaping your audience’s experience. Essential additions for enhancing drama and atmosphere, stimulating Special FX are valued and desired by both artists and audiences alike. We’re able to provide, supply and install a variety of FX systems.


Apex Live staff and crew are carefully selected for their competence, passion and personality. We set high standards for our team, so that they can be ready to adapt and respond effectively to even the most challenging of productions. As our greatest asset, we know we can count on their experience, training and resolve to ensure every project is a success.


We have the power. Efficient, reliable and powerful systems are the life blood of all our productions. We design, supply and manage power distribution systems that work first time, every time. Whether we’re supplying generators and distribution for a single stage or an entire festival, we grant life to the production with our extensively qualified and experienced electrical professionals

We are here to support your event ambitions. Please feel free to Contact Us or download a brochure.