November 2018 marks 100 years since the end of fighting in the First World War. The Great Chesterford Parish council wanted to mark the occasion with an event that would bring the community together. 

We were asked to provide a distributed audio system to play music during the afternoon and then a broadcast of the church service in the evening, site lighting and site power. 

The distributed audio system was implemented using a number of sneak snakes, allowing us to run balanced audio signals over inexpensive CAT5 cable. We used our D&B E3 system for sending audio down a street and EV speakers in a small marquee and on a small stage from which a small ceremony was conducted by the local vicar and the local MP. 

Site lighting was provided by 12 SGM Q-7s to light buildings and trees, 12 Prolights SmartBATs for lighting details, 40 meters of festoon lighting and 2 GM G-Spots to act as search lights.

We are very glad that we specified IP Rated fixtures for this event as the heavens opened at around 4pm and didn’t stop until around midnight.